Thoughts on Knowing Nothing
... this is forbidden fruit.

By Gary William Molitor

I have Nothing to Say.
This is Nothing to Sneeze at.
Nothing is Original.
Nothing is More Powerful Than This.
I Know Nothing About This.

Expect Nothing.
Nothing was so Shocking.
Nothing is Bad.
Nothing to Write Home About.
Nothing But the Truth.

Nothing is Forever.
I'm Putting Nothing off.
Nothing Left to Do but Wait.
Nothing But Smoke and Mirrors.
I Have Nothing But Time.

Nothing to Prove.
Nothing is Free.
It's All or Nothing for Me.
I Have Nothing to Do.
Nothing is Frightening.

I Am Afraid of Nothing.
Nothing but Hot Air.
Nothing was Sent.
I Have Nothing Left Inside.
Nothing Can Hold Me Here.

Nothing is Ok.
I Believe in Nothing.
Nothing is Wrong.
Nothing is Good.
Nothing as Usual.

I Want Nothing.
Nothing is Easy.
Double or Nothing.
Nothing is Safe.
Nothing But Trouble.

This is Nothing Special.
Nothing was Delivered.
Nothing to Hide.
Nothing was Found.
Nothing Can Come of This.

Nothing But The Facts.
Nothing to Report.
Nothing is Right.
Nothing Can Be Taken For It.
Nothing to Think About.

Nothing to Feel.
Nothing is Simple.
Nothing Can Be Explained.
Nothing was Known.
Nothing Can Be Forgotten.

Nothing was Decided.
Nothing is Certain.
Nothing was Done.
Nothing is Impossible.
I Have Nothing Left to Prove.

Nothing Left but Questions.
Nothing Can Be Taken Lightly.
Nothing to It.
Nothing Can Go Wrong.
Nothing is Stupid.

Nothing was Left to Chance.
Nothing is Created.
Nothing was Added.
Nothing was Taken.
Nothing was Received Nothing to Buy.

Nothing Happened.
I Have Nothing Left to Give.
Nothing was Ever the Same Again.
Nothing Can Make Me Stay.
Nothing to Love.

Nothing Can Come Between Us.
Nothing is Broken.
Nothing to Lose.
Nothing Can Keep Me Away.
Nothing in Common.

Nothing Can Separate Us.
Nothing Can Buy Happiness.
Nothing Left to Rely On.
Nothing Can Bring Me Down.
Nothing Matches.

I Have Nothing to Wear.
Nothing Matters.
Nothing Special About This.
Nothing Elegant.
Nothing to Worry About.

Nothing Seems to Works.
Nothing to Win.
Nothing Beats This.
Nothing But Net.
Nothing was Sweeter .

Nothing Can Defeat Them.
Nothing to Celebrate.
Nothing was Lost.
Nothing is Fair.
Nothing is Unusual.

Nothing Changes.
Nothing Can Come from Nothing.
Nothing Compares.
Nothing is Important.
Nothing Can Be Done About This.

Nothing to Fear.
Nothing is Permanent.
Nothing is Set in Stone.
Nothing was Visible.
Nothing is Too Big.

Nothing is Random.
Nothing Can Be Coincidence.
Nothing is Real.
Nothing was Clear.
Nothing is What it Appears.

Nothing is Better Than This.
Nothing is 100 Percent Sure.
Nothing Can Be Forever.
Nothing is Worth Knowing.
Nothing is Relevant.

Nothing is Sacred.
Nothing Really Exists.
Nothing was Left.
Nothing Can Stop Me.
Nothing is Going My Way.

Move along, Nothing to See Here.
Nothing to Laugh at.
It's Nothing Personal.
Nothing was Heard.
I Have Nothing Left to Say.

Noting ceases to exists

Thanks For Nothing.


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